Lourdes Flores comments on the future


Presidential candidate
Lourdes Flores who was found yesterday in Rimac said that due to the effort,
the bond with the settlers, the preoccupation with daily problems, demand of
water and sewage systems, the situation with the “comedores”(food halls where
settlers can go eat for free) and Pronoeis (a school program for children to go
study) are beginning to be perceived as the change that Peru needs, and that
fills me with pride when questioned about what she thought about her new position
in the surveys carried out by El Comercio news agency. However, she also added
that there still is a lot of work to be done in Cusco
and Puno, before she left Rimac she told the settlers that if we export Peruvian
products to Europe, Asia and the United States the more powerful the country will become, we have to
produce more industries, services and technology.