Police officers suffer from being exposed to contamination sources


Almost two thirds of the police officers that control the traffic in the streets of the center of Lima suffer illnesses related to the respiratory system by being highly exposed to the atmospheric pollution.

There was a research made by the Panamerican Health Organization (PHO) in 1998 which concluded that these police officers are being affected by sulfur, carbon monoxide and microscopic particles present in the air. It’s obvious that the mentioned conditions remain until now if they haven’t increased.

Nowadays, the Direction of Health of the Police is working on a similar research, with the help of the PHO. The results will be published at the end of this year and it’s supposed they’ll coincide with the ones given in 1998.

It’s expected these results will generate recommendations to be followed, as the previous ones did. Sadly, those guidelines weren’t used by our authorities and now the police officers are suffering the consequences