Aerosmith fans camp outside stadium two days before concert in Lima, Peru

Isabel Guerra

Peru: Aerosmith fans camp outside the concert's venue since two days beforeA large and growing crowd of Aerosmith fans are already camping since last night by the Monumental Stadium Esplanade, waiting for the gates to be opened tomorrow, reports local media.

Despite the low temperatures and the Limenian nights with drizzle, the Peruvian fans are already camping at the place, under little tents as their only shelter.

"We are waiting here until they open the gates,” told a fan to local station America TV.

The gates will remain closed until tomorrow, May 22 at 3 p.m. local time, according to the organizers, who also disclosed some little details for the fans, like the fact that the band members’ dressing rooms will be decorated with Peruvian motifs.

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