Peru to ask Ecuador to explain presence of border landmarks inside Peruvian territory



Peru’s Secretary of State José Antonio García Belaunde explained to RPP that he will be comunicating with the Ecuadorian State Secretary after reports that Ecuador´s military has placed a border landmark within Peruvian territory.

After pointing out that he was unsuccessful at communicating with Patiño yesterday, García Belaunde explained that there is already a committee in charge of looking into the landmarks. According to Peru’s national police, Ecuadorian soldiers entered 150 to 200 meters into Peruvian territory and placed border landmarks in the region of Cajamarca. 

"Landmarks can only be put in place through a cross-national agreement," explained García Belaunde. "There is a committee in charge of checking up on the landmarks, and if necessary, changing them. This isn’t more than the case of an overzealous subordiante officer who said ‘well, this landmark is ruined, apparently it was damaged due to the weather,’ but you cannot do that."
The Secretary of State added that this has already been established, and emphasized that the relationship with Ecuador is very smooth. When asked about Ecudor’s historical background, García Belaunde replied, "that was a different time, completely outdated."
"I hope to be able to speak to the Ecudadorian Secretary of State and clear up this situation," he said, and further explained "it´s a referencial landmark."