Death toll of Amazon shipwreck in Peru rises to 18

Isabel Guerra

Death toll of Amazon shipwreck in Peru rises to 18According to the latest reports, the death toll of the tragic shipwreck that took place yesterday in Loreto region, in the Amazon river, has risen to 18, said the Deputy Chief of Iquitos’ N°5 Captaincy,  César Linares Rojas.

He told the press that rescue brigades found another six bodies, that add up to the 12 they found yesterday.

"Sadly, we need to inform that most of the victims are children," said Linares to RPP. radio.

He remarked that listing the passengers is a very complicated task, since the original list includes only 146 names: "we were very surprised when we found out that after the accident we counted a total 228 survivors".

"There’s a possibility that we don’t find all the bodies. And all this is happening because there were illegal embarkments, in places out of the reach of authorities’ controls, that allowed unregistered passengers and cargo, that caused the overload" added the authority.

"Camila" ship sunk around 02:40 a.m. of May 26, near Santa Rosa village, in the Loreto district of Indiana.

The total total number of passengers may reach 280.

Rescue works to find more victims have been resumed today

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