Hillary Clinton arrives in Lima, Peru to attend OAS Assembly

Isabel Guerra

Hillary Clinton arrives tonight in Lima, Peru to attend OAS AssemblyUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s is arriving tonight in Lima, Peru, to attend the OAS 40th General Assembly, and on a four-day trip through the region

Clinton is leading the US delegation to the Organization of American States annual meeting, where members are slated to vote on a declaration that calls for less military spending and more funding for economic development and social programs throughout the region.

She will be officially received tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. at Government’s Palace.

Yesterday, the White House issued an statement saying that the US "does not consider that Latin America is currently undergoing an arms race.”

The statement was issued by Arturo Valenzuela, Subsecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, who was welcomed by President Alan Garcia in Lima, Peru a few days ago.

Prior to this, Jose Miguel Insulza, OAS General Secretary, said that Latin American countries “have a military spending significantly minor than other regions’.”

Thus, it is still unclear what will happen with the “Declaration of Lima,” regarding the arms race in the region, which was expected to be approved and signed during this OAS assembly.

After visiting Peru, Clinton will will travel to Ecuador and Colombia to meet with government leaders in both countries. 

During her visit to Ecuador, Hillary Clinton is expected to deliver a speech about Obama administration’s policies toward the countries of the Western Hemisphere.

(Photo: La Republica)

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