“El Amor….Ahhh”a different perspective on love


Ana Barboza, Brunella Calderon, Sharon Lerner, Eliana Otta and Natalia Revilla are all art graduates from the Catolica University. This year the girls have put up an art exhibit called “El Amor…..Ahhh” where the theme is love (of course)from a different perspective. “ We lived our infancy in the 80’s and our teenage years in the 90’s we received a lot of similar influences from the entertainment industry, in a different way it modeled a grand part of our conception of love” explained the artists. The exhibit includes works in which they use techniques such as seam work, embroidery, oil paintings, transfer (impression of a digital image on fabric)and a video interview of women between the ages 20 and 30 years commenting about what they thought of love. These 5 artists have put their personal thoughts and feelings into their works based on family experiences, an adolescent view of the subject. From Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm in the Sala Raúl Porras Barrenechea, Av.Larco 770 Miraflores. Entrance is free.