Farmers to fight vicuña poaching in Ayacucho, Peru

Isabel Guerra

Farmers communities associate to fight vicuña poaching in Ayacucho, PeruFarming communities in Ayacucho region have joined efforts to fight poaching in the vicuña reserve of Pampa Galeras, located in the province of Lucanas.

The communities have created a consortium, called Vicuña Perú, that unites 12 communities living around Pampa Galeras and some 100 private associations.

“This group operates in the buffering zone and in the areas around the reserve,” said José Sarmiento, President of the community of Lucanas.

This initiative started after two episodes of poaching that took place around the reserve, where some 100 vicuñas were attacked.

First actions are focused in training the park guards, who have also been equipped with radio trunking devices, and will be given motorcycles soon.

This is also a pilot project that is expected to be mirrored in other regions such as Puno, Huancavelica and Junín.

The Pampa Galeras buffering zone covers between 80,000 and 100,000 hectares, under the care of 45 park guards.

Lucanas is the home of some 26,000 vicuñas, and during 2009 these animals provided 1,400kg of wool, which were worth almost US $400,000.

(Photo: Promperu/Alejandro Balaguer)

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