UN revises report: Colombia produces more coca than Peru

Isabel Guerra

UN revises report: Colombia produces more coca than PeruColombia actually produces more coca leaf that Peru, when measuring production correctly, clarified the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Peru.

Yesterday, Colombian representatives issued a statement reporting that Peru produced 119,000 metric tons, while Colombia reached only 103,000.

However, sources in Lima clarified today that Colombians measure microwave-dried coca leaf, while Peru measures sun-dried coca leaf.

According to Humberto Chirinos, an UNDOC official, if Colombia had been using Peru’s system for measuring the amount of coca leafs produced, it would have clearly came out on top: if Colombian coca leaf production had been sun-dried, it would have measured 149,000 tons.

Legal coca leaf production in Peru, which reached 9,000 tons, is not included in these figures.

Comparing the amount of land dedicated to the cultivation of coca, Peru had 59,900 hectares in 2009, while Colombia had 68,000 hectares.

(Photo: Corbis)

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