Peru: Indigenous communities lack drinking water after oil spill in the Marañon

Isabel Guerra

Residents from 28 indigenous communities located in the Loreto districts of Parinari and Urarinas claim that they have no drinking water now, because of the oil spill that took place on June 19, that polluted Marañon river.

Officials from Loreto Regional Government arrived in the area yesterday carrying huge bottles of potable water, but that has not been enough.

“Everyone is desperate, since no one knows what will happen in the next hours, due to the lack of help from Pluspetrol and the authorities. Two children are suffering stomach problems because they drank polluted water, and now we can see dead fishes floating on the river,” said a local resident to La Republica.

Americo Vela Ramirez said also that “this is our only source of drinking water. And we haven’t received anything from Pluspetrol.”

Meanwhile, the Environment Minister, Antonio Brack, said that the responsible persons will be sanctioned, and that the incident is currently under investigation.

(Photo: La Republica)

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