Peru’s Nolberto Solano not guilty of rape, England’s police say

Isabel Guerra

Peru's Nolberto Solano not guilty of rape, England's police saysBritish police ruled out the possibility that Peru’s soccer player Nolberto Solano may be implied in the alleged rape of a 22 year old woman, and clarified that will be no further legal action against Solano.

Solano, currently playing for Leicester City, was arrested at a house in the Gosforth area of Newcastle in April, after being accused by a woman whose identity has not been released.

After investigation, the former Newcastle player was not found guilty.

According to BBC News, Solano issued an statement declaring that he feels “relieved” but also “angry” because he has been falsely accused.

“"Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, the fear is that people may believe a false allegation,” he says, adding that “Thankfully Northumbria Police carried out a thorough and full investigation. "I am grateful for their professionalism."

Solano, now 35, has also played for Aston Villa and West Ham, and completed his move to Leicester City in January.

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