Tailing dam collapses and pollutes Opamayo river in Huancavelica, Peru

Isabel Guerra

Tailing dam collapses and pollutes Opamayo river in Huancavelica, PeruThe tailing dams at Caudalosa Chica mine collapsed last Friday,spreading toxic waste into the Opamayo river, severely polluting the river and pastures in the province of Angaraes, in Huancavelica region.

According to Servindi, Carlos Candiotti, a local leader, said that this is an ecological disaster “never seen before in Huancavelica.”

The collapsed dam contained 500 metric tons of tailings, and this explains why so many trouts have died.

Candiotti appeals to national and international press to come to the area and check on the great impact of the disaster, since up to now press coverage has not paid much attention to it-

According to Servindi, local residents are mobilizing and preparing a demonstration, because they do not approve of the Caudalosa mines operations in the area, and their claims have allegedly been ignored by the authorities.

Opamayo river has been polluted in the last decades by Buenaventura and Caudalosa mines, according to local residents.

For further information and contact, call Carlos Candiotti to (67)967708672 or (64)964287865.

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