Bolivia may nationalize subsidiary of Peru’s Gloria Group

Isabel Guerra

The Bolivian government will study the request of a farmers’ union to nationalize dairy company PIL S.A, a subsidiary of Peru’s Gloria Group, said Antonia Rodriguez, Minister of Productive Development.

“We need to analyze this case. We have to benefit Bolivians through PIL, and if we nationalize it, it will have to provide better a service,” said Minister Rodriguez to

Bolivian media when asked about the request made by the Cochabamba Irrigation Board Users to nationalize PIL.

The union leader, Omar Fernández, a close ally of president Evo Morales, said “we want our national autorithies to regain control of strategic companies, like dairy company PIL.”

PIL, or Planta Industrializadora de Leche, is the most important firm in this sector, and is managed since 1996 by Peruvian consortium Gloria SA.

(Photo: Andia Hernán/Los Tiempos)

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