Elijah Wood confesses to being a fan of Peruvian Cumbia

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian cumbia keeps on gathering more fans worldwide: now it’s the famous young actor Elijah Wood, who confessed to being a great fan of this music.

In an interview with Pastemagazine.com, the popular ‘Frodo” was asked about what music he is listening to lately, and he mentions some compilations: ‘There was a great compilation that came out a couple of years ago called The Roots of Chicha, which was a really incredible compilation of Peruvian psychedelic cumbia music.”

He says that he fell in love with cumbia as a result of it: he had never heard of that style of music before, and recently he looked online for another compilation, ‘just to see if I could satisfy my cumbia needs.”

His search made him discover Juaneco y su Combo, who are very popular in Peru.

“There’s another band on that compilation called Juaneco y Su Combo. I found a whole record of theirs called Masters of Chicha. If you’ve never heard cumbia, check out The Roots of Chicha. That album is incredible,” he recommends.

(Photo: Peru21).

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