43,701 cars sold in Peru between January and June

Isabel Guerra

43,701 cars sold in Peru between January and JuneIn Peru, 43,701 cars were sold between January and June, which sets a historic record in Peru, reports the Association of Automotive Representatives in Peru, Araper.

This means 52% more collocations than the ones registered in 2009.

Araper’s report states that the most demanded brands during this period were Toyota, with 12,447 units sold (22.8% from the total); Hyundai, that sold 7,041 units (12.9%); Nissan, 5,539 with cars sold (10.1%); Kia, with 4,845 cars sold (8.9%), and Suzuki, that sold 3,045 cars (5.6%).

Only in June, 9,695 new cars were sold.

The Association of Banks reports that between December 2009 and May 2010, car loans totaled US $407 million.

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