Peru launches National Program for Conservation of Forests

Isabel Guerra

Peru launches National Program for Conservation of ForestsThe Peruvian government has just passed a law, the Supreme Decree 008-2010, that makes official the creation of the National Program for Conservation of Forests for Mitigating Climate Change.

This decree states that more than 54 million hectares of tropical forests will be preserved.

The plan seeks not only maintaining the forest as a natural resource, but also as a way to develop production systems, since the territories to be preserved is spread among the land of indigenous and farmers communities, as well as in forestal concessions, conservation woods for touristic usage, swamps, dry forests, among others.

The program has been created with financial support from the German government (US $19 millions for its creation), and the Japanese Cooperation Agency, that has destined a credit of US $40 million.

The Environment Minister, Antonio Brack Egg, said that the U.S. government seems to be interested in supporting part of this conservation program. At present, there are 72 million hectares of tropical woods in Peru, and the Amazon rainforest represents 95% of this total.


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