Doe Run: 30 days for new chronogram


A press conference carried out by the Ministry of Mining and Energy (MEM) where Doe Run was discussed, together with the expansion of their agreement to carry out PAMA (Programa de Adecuacion y Manejo Ambiental). MEM demanded that the company rewrite the contract in accordance to the original proposal, also how they will achieve the 8 protection measures required by the ministry, and what health coverage will the population of LaOroya have. However the final decision about whether to agree to their plee or not has not been reached. No more than 3 years will be granted.
Originally Doe Run (chronogram)had planned that by the end of 2006 they would modernize the zinc plant-currently underway, by 2008 they would build a lead treatment plant and construct a copper treatment plant by the end of 2010. MEM has given them 30 days to present their new chronogram.