Peru: Huanuco to host 308 varieties of potatoes in national congress

Isabel Guerra

The University Hermilio Valdizan in Huanuco will host the Third National Potato Congress, to take place between August 5-7, aiming to promote agroindustry and gastronomy from that region.

During this event, researchers and producers will exchange experiences and knowledge about biodiversity and conservation of native potato.

“We expect to have some 400 visitors who will be presented a catalog of the 380 varieties, that will help to promote Huanuco as a tourist destination,” said Jorge Espinoza to Andina news agency.

Huanuco is the second potato producer in Peru, with over 30,000 annual hectares of cultivation, which shows its great genetic biodiversity, said Governor of Huanuco Jorge Espinoza Egoavil.

In Peru, there are some 3,000 tuber varieties and approximately 278,000 hectares of farming land.

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