Peru to have world’s highest growth, says Consensus Forecast

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian economy will have the highest growth rate worldwide, says Consensus ForecastThe Peruvian economy will grow 6.5% during 2010, and will surpass the average growth of all the regions in the world, according to the latest report issued by Consensus Forecast, which compiles projections made by economists, analysts and investment banks.

The report for July issued by Latin American Consensus Forecast mentions that if Peru grows by 6.5%, this is going to be higher that the growth expected for Asia-Pacific (6.3%), Latin America (4.9%), Eastern Europe (3.9%), North America (3.1%) and Western (1.2%).

In that case, growth rates in Peru would be the second highest in the region, after Brazil, that would lead the growth with 7.1%.

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