Peru’s Gloria group acquires 100% of Argentina’s Corlasa

Isabel Guerra

Peru's Gloria group acquires 100% of Argentina's CorlasaPeruvian Grupo Gloria purchased the other 50% of the shares of Compañía Regional de Lácteos Argentina S.A. (Corlasa), reports Infocampo.com.

The Peruvian group is now the only one shareholder, after first investing US $19 million in 2006.

Corlasa currently runs a plant that produces approximately 5,000kg of powder milk per hour, and 800,000lts of milk per day.

Gloria, one of the largest Peruvian holdings, keeps on expanding in Latin America, and it has recently announced an investment of US $40 million in its subsidiary company in Bolivia, Planta Industrializadora de Leche (PIL) Andina.

The Peruvian group has also investments in Colombia, Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

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