Some 900 second-hand cars sold per day in Peru

Isabel Guerra

Some 900 second-hand cars sold per day in PeruSales of second-hand cars in Peru currently total an average of 900 per day in Peru, reports Sunarp, Peru’s state agency of public records and information.

“We expect to hit a record of 260,000 car property transfers nationwide,” said José Antonio Aróstegui Girano, President of SUNARP, quoted by business daily Gestión.

Last year, Peru totaled 200,000 of these operations.

Meanwhile, records of new vehicles and newly imported second-hand cars (for it first register in Peru) may total 160,000 nationwide this year.

According to Araper, an important guild of car sales businesses, 110,000 new cars will be sold this year.

The most demanded second-hand vehicles are those whose price range between US $5,000 and US $15,000, less than nine years old, but there is also great interest on luxury vehicles with prices between US $50,000 and US $70,000.


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