Convicted politicians in Peru owe $322 million in reparations, says prosecutor

Isabel Guerra

Sentenced for corruption in Peru still owe more than US $322 million in reparationsMany of those sentenced for corruption in Peru still owe more than 904 million soles (US $322 million) in unpaid reparations, reports today Peru21.

From this amount, more than 8 million soles correspond to former President Alberto Fujimori, who has not paid anything yet, according to the newly appointed attorney Julio Cesar Roca, who is now in charge of making these debts be paid.

“We will start the necessary legal actions, and current laws allow to cut 30% of the salary of those who have a pending debt with the state,” said Roca.

Fujimori’s advisor Vladimiro Montesinos also has a 107 million soles debt with the state, as well as his former ministers Absalon Vasquez (18 million soles) who is running for the Presidency of Cajamarca region; Nicolas Hermosa Rios (15 million soles ) and Victor Joy Way (11 million soles) among others.

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