“Machete” by Peru’s Novalima included in Hollywood film soundtrack

Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian afro-fusion band Novalima has announced in its Facebook page that the song “Machete” will be included in the soundtrack of the new US-Mexican film director Robert Rodriguez, called also Machete.

With intense afro-Peruvian rythms and electronic arrangements, the song will be the musical background for some of this movie’s scenes.

The song “Machete” was performed and mixed by the musicians Rafael Morales, Grimaldo del Solar, Ramón Pérez-Prieto and Carlos Li-Carrillo for their album “Afro,” their second production, which was released in 2005.

According to daily Peru21, this is not the first time that a Peruvian musician makes it to a Hollywood production.

For example three pieces by Jaime Cuadra’s album "Cholo Soy" were included in the soundtrack of “Quantum of Solace”: Regresa, by Augusto Polo Campos, Cholo soy, by Luis Abanto Morales, and El provinciano, by Laureano Martínez.

, starred by Danny Trejo, is critical to US immigration policy.

(Video and Photo: Novalima)

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