Peru’s Bembos food chain to expand to Colombia, Ecuador

Isabel Guerra

Peru's Bembos food chain to expand to Colombia, EcuadorBembos, the Peruvian fast food chain, expects to expand to Colombia or Ecuador, using the franchising scheme, reports business daily Gestión.

As stated in previous reports, Bembos is now focusing on its expansion to South America, since it already is operating in India and Guatemala.

The company wants to start operations during 2011, either in Colombia or in Ecuador, or maybe in both countries, said Ruben Mazzini, Marketing Manager for Bembos.

Mazzini also highlighted the fact that they have opened six new restaurants in Peru this year, including the ones in Arequipa and in Plaza Santa Clara (Ate, Lima), and that they are planning to open more in Piura and Los Olivos, Lima dowtown and San Borja.

(Photo: Paco Bardales/La Mula)