Peru’s gastronomy to post record sales of US$14.3 billion this year


Peruvian gastronomy will post record sales of 40 billion soles (US$ 14.3 billion) this year, a six percent increase compared to a year ago, said Minister of Economy and Finance Mercedes Araoz based on information provided by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (Apega).

"Gastronomy-related businesses will be very dynamic in 2010 as Peruvians feel proud of their food and inbound tourism increases," stated Araoz after the opening ceremony of gastronomic fair Mistura 2010.

This fair is an opportunity for restaurants, food cart vendors and agricultural producers to showcase their products to the world, she added.

According to Jose del Castillo, person responsible for the restaurants’ area, the most important thing for participants is the post-Mistura, since the event enables them to attract new customers, reported El Comercio online version.

Del Castillo recalled that the restaurants are invited to this fair due to their culinary experience, business and social management, and care for the environment.

According to Victor Torres, a representative of the Gran Mercado (Great market) area organizing team, 600 participants from 14 regions of the country will be able to show the quality of their products and achieve partnerships that will benefit them.

(Photo: Stephanie Zollner/Andina)