Purple corn from Peru gains presence in international markets


Isabel Guerra

Purple corn from Peru conquests international marketsPurple corn from Peru keeps on gaining presence in international markets; this year, exports between June and July have totaled US $999,239 reports PromPeru, the state agency in charge of promoting trade and tourism.

Promperu states that purple corn exports have progressively increased in recent years, excepting in 2008 when there was a small drop.

The United States are the main destination for these exports, (US $556,786), followed by Japan (US $117,683) and Spain (US $54,390).

Purple corn exports reached US $1.68 million during 2009, and the main buyers were the United States US $963,440), Japan (US $267,518 dólares), Bolivia (US $148,861, Spain (US $79,965) and Chile (US $49,666).

This year, the highest demand increases have been posted by Venezuela and Singapur, with 450 and 250%, respectively.

PromPeru also highlights the fact that purple corn has multiple health benefits as an antioxidant, as a help to improve blood circulation and to prevent intestinal cancer, the latter according to a study at the University of Nagoya (Japan).

(Photo: Biggerseeds.com)