Peru’s grape exports expected to increase by 20 pct, says analyst



Peru's grapes are mostly exported to the U.S.
Peru’s grapes are mostly exported to the U.S. (Photo: Rocio Farfan/Andina)

Peru’s grape industry is expected to close deals at 100,000 tons in the campaign that’s about to begin in October, agriculture expert Fernando Cilloniz reported.

Some 68,000 tons were exported in the 2009-2010 campaign, surpassing the previous year’s exports by 50%, the daily newspaper Expreso reported.

Exports of grapes from Peru have increased immensely over the years. Peru is well respected worldwide for the production and export of table grapes and is the country with fastest growth of grape exports in the region.

Main importers of Peru’s grapes include the United States — comprising 30% of  Peru’s total exports — followed by Europe (25%), China (20%) and Russia.

Other countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela have shown interest in this product.