Peru’s exports of construction material grows 30 pct, says Promperu


By Mario Sandoval

manufactures high quality construction and finishing materials
Peru manufactures high quality construction and finishing materials.

Peru’s exports of construction and finishing materials are expected to surpass US $300 million this year, achieving a growth of 30 percent, informed Promperu, the country’s agency to promote tourism and exports.

“Peruvian construction and finishing materials have two advantages. First, their price: They are not as expensive as the American products but also not as cheap as the Chinese products. Second, their high level of quality is recognized internationally,” declared Gustavo Trujillo, Promperu’s Diverse Industries Director, as reported by Peru21.

Trujillo informed that Peru exports construction and finishing materials to Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.

The most exported materials are for plumbing and finishing, as well as cement, bricks and steel. Peru also exports travertine marble, frequently used in modern building projects.