Craft beer from Peru’s high jungle to enter Lima market


By Mario Sandoval

Christian Leyva, from Pozuzo its brewer (Photo: Gestion)

Prusia Bier, a craft beer from Peru’s highland jungle region, will soon enter the Lima market, says its brewer Christian Leyva.

In 2006, Leyva teamed with beverage experts and developed craft beer formulas which they branded Prusia Bier to honor the region’s immigration from what is now Austria and Germany.

Leyva is from Pozuzo, a town in the Cerro de Pasco region founded in 1859 by a group of colonists that came from Tyrol and Prussia.

In an interview with Gestión, Leyva says the beer is "100% pure malt, so it has a better aroma and flavor."

The young brewer points out that unlike industrially manufactured beers, they do not use chemicals, such as foam stabilizers. They produce three kinds of traditional beer, a concentrated malt beer as well as sweet and sour varieties, which they sell in green bottles in Pozuzo and surrounding areas.

"In July there are many festivals in the Oxapampa region, so we double the production as demand is huge. In despite of that, we mostly run out of product," says Leyva in the interview.

Last year, the Ambassadors of Germany and Austria in Peru visited Pozuzo for the 150th anniversary of the settlers’ arrival and they tried the craft beer. "They were fascinated by the beer," recalls Leyva. "They told me that they felt like they were back in their home countries."

In a story similar to the origins of Ajegroup, Leyva says it is time to enter Lima. Leyva is already in talks with several bars in the capital, reports Gestión. Also, he plans to export its beers to other places in Latin America where there are Central European settlers.