Wealthy earn 14 times more than poorest in Peru capital: Ipsos


By Mario Sandoval

Average household spending in Lima.
(Photo: El Comercio)

According to a study undertaken in Lima, Peru, by polling firm Ipsos Apoyo, households in Lima’s highest socioeconomic segment earn in average 14 times more than households in the lowest, reports El Comercio. (Socioeconomic segments, or SES, are divided from A to E in Peru, A representing the wealthiest.)

Households in SES A earn an average of US $3,850 per month while households in SES E earn $265. "The difference between these two extremes is still high, but the gap is decreasing," said Ipsos Apoyo economist Eduardo Moron. The gap was 18 times in 2008, he said.

The gap in education spending is 24 times ($340 in SES A compared to $16).

Meanwhile, the gap in food spending is only four times while in housing is almost ten times.

The study was conducted in Lima interviewing 1,010 people.