Peru awards 14 oil and gas drilling concessions


By Mario Sandoval

Daniel Saba, President of Petroperu.
(Photo: Carlos Lezama/Andina)

Finalizing the 2010 Bidding Round, today Perupetro awarded 14 lots for oil and gas exploration and drilling in the Marañon, Huallaga and Ucayali basins.

The selected companies were China’s Sinochem (though its subsidiary Emerald Energy), Colombia’s Ecopetrol del Perú, Spain’s Repsol-YPF and Tecpetrol Internacional, as well as UK’s Hydrocarbon Exploration and Pitkin Petroleum.

“For the exploration of these blocks, the oil companies are expected to invest over 700 million dollars,” said Daniel Saba, Perupetro’s president.

Emerald Energy won lots 165, 173, 175, 178, and 185.

A consortium comprised by Repsol Exploracion Perú, Ecopetrol del Perú, and YPF won lots 176, 180, 182 and 184.

Pitkin Petroleum won lot XXVIII; Hydrocarbon Exploration won lots 183 and 188.

Lastly, Ecopetrol del Perú won lot 179 and Tecpetrol Internacional won lot 174.

In the 2010 Bidding Round, Perupetro had qualified 26 companies to bid for 25 lots; eight companies presented proposals.

Click here to download a map of the gas lots in Peru
(PDF, 3 MB).