Celebrations planned for reopening of Peru’s National Stadium, says sports authority


By Mario Sandoval

Reymond Manco and John Galliquio
Inauguration of the Fourth International Congress of Sports Medicine
(Photo: Andina)

An international art show with Colombian superstars Shakira or Juanes could mark the reopening of the National Stadium in Lima, Peru, today declared Arturo Woodman, president of the Peruvian Institute of Sports, during the Inauguration of the Fourth International Congress of Sports Medicine at the Sheraton Hotel in the Peruvian capital city.

"The reopening celebrations will occur in three stages: the first will be a sports event; we hope to have a soccer match with Spain, the 2010 World Cup winner," said Woodman. “Then come the art shows, an international one, maybe with Shakira or Juanes; another one with Peruvian artists, perhaps with Northern Peruvian bands which are having a huge success lately.”

Woodman also said that the National Stadium redevelopment project had reached 60 percent, but that he was not happy with the slow progress of the works. “Still, the stadium will be inaugurated before the end of this government," he explained.

The National Stadium redevelopment plans started when Peru applied to host the 2015 Panamerican Games. Although Toronto was finally selected as host city, Peru decided to go on with the redevelopment project. Click below to see an animation of the future National Stadium.


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