Camisea:destroying a way of life in Urubamba


Camisea, an important project that is underway in this country which has left serious side effects in Alto and Bajo Urubamba, where recently Camisea gas pipes broke and contaminated the river. El Comercio news agency went on an expedition to the above mentioned regions to get to know the impact left by this project. They discovered more than eleven thousand natives exposed to the environmental and social impacts. Chiefs of communities blame Camisea project for the appearance of diseases like syphilis, contamination of the river and rubbish left behind that is accumulating on what is left of a bridge that was used to transport materials of the Camisea gas pipes and was destroyed due to intense rains. Fish and wildlife has disappeared leaving the natives rice and onions to eat, while fishers now have to walk 3 hours to find a little bit of uncontaminated fish.