Peru’s Alan García and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa meet in Loja, Ecuador


By Mario Sandoval

garcia correa peru
Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa and Peru’s president Alan García. (Photo: Andina)

On Oct. 26, Presidents Alan García and Rafael Correa will meet in Loja, Ecuador and participate in the Fourth Binational Meeting of Ministers Ecuador-Peru. The purpose of the meetings is to deepen bilateral relations and promote development projects in the border area.

As sign of the cooperation between Peru and Ecuador, both countries are moving ahead with the Puyango-Tumbes project, which aims to expand the land available for agriculture, benefiting 245,000 people in the border regions of both countries. The project’s engineering  construction has been awarded to a consortium composed of Construcción y Administración S.A., Hidalgo & Hidalgo and Nippon Koei.

President Alan García highlighted that the Puyango-Tumbes project will provide Peru 17,000 new hectares of land and Ecuador 20,000 new hectares. “The project is the final seal for the pacification of our borders,” he said, reported Andina news agency.

The ministers will also discuss proposals to improve the quality of education and health on both sides of the border.

The previous binational ministerial meetings took place in Tumbes, Peru in 2007; Machala, Ecuador in 2008; and Piura, Peru in 2009.