International technical audit against Camisea


The natives of the affected zones by the Camisea project, some congress members and presidential candidates as Alan Garcia and Valentin Paniagua have all agreed in soliciting as soon as possible an international technical audit to evaluate the case of the gas pipes of Camisea. Paniagua and Gracia are both in favor of the international technical audit, Garcia demanded from the government to ask the opinion of the ‘Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru’ -School of engineers of Peru so they can establish the reasons for this new incident. Congress woman of Unidad Nacional Fabiola Morales, said that her team members are very worried about the situation and demands that the international technical audit start immediately. The president of the commissions of Energy and Mining of the Parliament, Juan Valdivia asked the government to order the TGP company to paralyze immediately its operations until all the technical failures of Camisea are discovered.