Thunderbird Hotels to expand in Peru in 2011-2012



Thunderbird Hotels to expand in Peru
Thunderbird Hotels owns Hotel Las Américas in Miraflores (Photo: Las Américas)

Thunderbird Hotels plans to expand its operations in Tacna and Iquitos, reported Andina.

During the next two years, the U.S. hotel chain will open hotels in both cities as part of their consolidation efforts in Peru, said chain manager Francesc Martin.

“The idea is to operate existing hotels, we are not going to build new ones because it wouldn’t be profitable”, he said.

Martin explained that the world crisis affected corporative hotels badly. They were not the exception.

Thunderbird Hotels entered the Peruvian market three years ago but, according to Martin, hasn’t recovered their investment yet, he assured in an interview with Biznews.pe.

The executive does admit there is a big potential market in Lima for corporative hotels.

“Lima is changing, but it’s still not known as a US$ 400-a-night city like São Paulo, for example. There are many cities in the world where you would pay such a rate without a complaint, because that’s the average. In Lima, the average of a five-star hotel is US$ 240,” he explained.

Martin stated that they are negotiating with a hotel located in Tacna’s main square, which will be remodeled in order to attend business tourists from Bolivia and Chile.

“We plan to open a hotel in Iquitos by 2012. There is a casino we already operate inside the El Dorado hotel there, the only five-star hotel in the city”, Martin added.

Thunderbird owns four hotels in Miraflores: Las Américas Hotel & Suites, Las Américas Suites, Las Américas Apart Hotel, and Residencial Las Américas.

It also owns Carrera Hotel in Lince and El Pueblo Resort and Convention Center in the Ate-Vitarte, in the eastern part of Lima.