Peru’s Backus turns 130 years old



Peru’s Backus turns 130 years old
Beatriz Boza, Jaime Thorne and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski attended Backus’s ceremony (Photo: Backus)

Unión de Cervecerías Peruana Backus y Johnston, better known among Peruvian beer consumers as Backus, is turning 130 years old.

This is one of Peru’s oldest beer companies owning brands suchs as "Cristal," "Cusqueña," "Pilsen," and non-alcoholic beverages such as "San Mateo," and "Guaraná Backus."

“Our passion for Peru and its people is full of enthusiasm, as when we started 130 years ago,” said Robert Priday, president of Backus.

“We are a company that’s has learned to adapt to changes with efficiency and optimism. We will keep investing in Peru to benefit our consumers, collaborators and the community as well.”

As part of the homage, the book “Backus: 1954-2009, de la peruanización a la globalización” (Backus: from the “Peruvianization” to globalization) , was presented recently at the MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima), written by Francisco Mujica, one of Backus’ directors.

“The history of Backus can be revised through this book, a company that makes Peruvians feel proud for its tradition and leadership,” said the author.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Defense, Jaime Thorne, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, director de Backus, and Beatriz Boza, executive director of Ciudadanos al Día.