Chile president to meet Peru’s presidential candidates


Chile president to meet Peru’s presidential candidates
Piñera will meet with Aráoz, Castañeda, and Ollanta during his one day visit to Peru. (Photo: AP )

President Sebastián Piñera of Chile has added several meetings to his tight agenda during his official visit to Lima, Peru next Thursday, reported Chilean daily La Tercera.

Piñera will meet with Mercedes Aráoz, former minister of the García administration and current presidential candidate for the Apra party.

He also will meet with Luis Castañeda, ex-mayor of Lima and candidate for Solidaridad Nacional, and the nationalist Ollanta Humala, a diehard critic of Chile’s government.

It has not been reported whether Piñera will meet with Keiko Fujimori and Alejandro Toledo, both also top contenders for the 2011 elections.

The meetings between the Chilean president and the candidates will help to probe the attitude towards the border dispute currently being held in The Hague, Netherlands, says La Tercera.

More importantly, Piñera is concerned to know if Peru’s candidates will keep this border issue apart — “separate strings” — from the overall economic and political relations between both countries.

This is a key issue for Chile’s government, where the idea of keeping a good relationship with Peru is crucial to prevent this from being a factor that The Hague could possibly consider in an eventual ruling against Chile.

Piñera will stay until Friday morning and then return to Chile. An extension of his official visit to Peru has been discarded, despite García’s suggestion.