Toledo to Aráoz’s criticisms: “She was my student. Stop messing around.”


Toledo to Aráoz's criticisms: “She was my student. Stop messing around.”
Alejandro Toledo responded to Mrcedes Aráoz’s criticisms saying, "she was my student." (Photo: El Comercio )

In an interview published Sunday in El Comercio daily, Alejandro Toledo, replied to Mercedes Aráoz criticisms who tagged him as “irresponsible,” some days ago.

“She has been my student. Stop messing around, man,” replied Toledo when reminded of Aráoz remarks when he announced his plan to raise 50 percent public servant’s salaries if he is elected president.

Alejandro Toledo served as president of Peru between 2001 and 2006. Currently he is candidate for the 2011 presidential elections.

“Why is it irresponsible? An irresponsible thing to do is to have money in the government and not use it, to start a new project and not finish it. If we didn’t have money I would say: gentlemen, fasten your belts. I’m not going to weaken the economy,” said the ex president.

Mercedes Aráoz, former Economy and Finance Minister of the García administration, and currently APRA’s presidential candidate, said last Friday Toledo was irresponsible to promise a 50 percent raise to public servants.

Aráoz said she would offer incentives, instead, in order to “work within a meritocracy scheme for public servants.”

Toledo said the state has resources, and it it’s worth investing in such a key issue, for example, as increasing teacher’s wages to S/.2,000 (US$ 740) in a five-year period. “I know how to manage the budget,” he added.

He did clarify he would exclusively raise salaries to public servants, but not the president or congressmen.

“Today there is the paradox that the state and regional governments have resources in abundance, but there is a weak management capacity. The competent managers have migrated to the private sector,” he assured.