Tremor shooked Peru’s southern coastline this morning


Tremor shooked Arequipa's coastline this morning
The low intensity tremor took place off the coasts of Arequipa region. (Photo: IGP )

A 4.8 magnitude quake was registered early this morning, in the Arequipa region, informed Peru’s Geophysics Institute (IGP).

The tremor took place at 03:55 a.m. and was spotted 74 kilometers southeast of Chala, on Arequipa’s coast, at a depth of 33 kilometers.

Defensa Civil didn’t report damages or casualties.

In the last days there have been low intensity shakes in Áncash and Arequipa regions without reporting casualties or major damages.

Arequipa is a usual target for earthquakes, with a historic record of some of the worst events in Peru’s history.

In 2001, an 8.5 magnitude quake struck the city. Landslides blocked highways in the epicentral area. Many of the historic buildings at Arequipa were damaged or destroyed, including one of the Cathedral’s bell towers.

Peru is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire where 85% of the world’s earthquakes take place.