Chilean politicians criticize Piñera’s visit to Peru



Chilean politicians criticize Piñera’s visit to Peru
Chile’s ex cabinet member, Soledad Alvear, has criticized Piñera’s visit to Peru. (Photo: Emol.com)

Chilean president Sebastián Piñera’s official visit to Peru has generated strong criticisms from Chile’s political opposition to his administration.

Soledad Alvear, Chile’s former Foreign Affairs Minister and current senator for the Christian Democratic party, has spearheaded these criticisms.

Alvear, who was a cabinet member of the Aylwin, Frei and Lagos administrations, questioned Piñera’s  visit to Peru when both countries are confronted by a lawsuit in The Hague, over a border dispute of 35,000 km2 of valuable fishing waters.

The ex minister said in a radio interview in Santiago, if such a touchy issue should be handled from a strictly judiciary point of view in order to keep the economic, social and cultural ties with Peru uninterrupted.

“A presidential visit under these circumstances was not adequate, in this precise moment and how it was made,” she said.

Piñera said during his meeting with president Alan García that the border dispute with Chile was in “hands of a third party” suggesting that The Hague’s international court is finally to decide and not Peru or Chile.

Alvear said that “it is quite evident we have a long-term agenda with Peru, but the situation can’t remain the same for Chile, and I’m quite sure the president doesn’t think it’s the same either.”

The former state minister said that the lawsuit Peru initiated in The Hague against Chile “was an unexpected and unfriendly action against our country.” Consequently, she said, “we need to mark our relationship with Peru, because this is a very important issue for us.”