Killing of woman by Dutch prisoner in Peru triggers investigation


Killing of Peruvian woman in prison triggers investigation
Lurigancho, one of Peru’s most overpopulated prisons, is where a Peruvian woman was killed. (Photo: RPP )

Peru’s National Police suspended personnel from the Lurigancho prison that could be held responsible for the murder of a Peruvian citizen by a Dutch prisoner, reported RPP.

Yesterday, the chief of the National Penitentiary Institute, Wilson Hernández, informed that the body of Leslie Dayán Paredes, had been found inside the prison.

Dayán Paredes, 22, was killed by Dutch citizen Jack Sanford Staing, last August.

Sanford, who serves a prison sentence for drug trafficking, since May 2009, buried the body inside the wall of his cell.

According to a police report yesterday, around 8 p.m., police members detected a strong, fetid smell coming from Sanford’s cell during a routine inspection.

The smell was so evident that, when interrogated, Sanford was forced to confess he had killed his girlfriend in August, during a visit, and buried her inside the cell wall.

According to the Dutch intern, he and Dayán had started a argument leading him to strangle his girlfriend, causing her death.

The body was discovered in cell 4, block 15, where foreign prisoners are held, and taken to Lima’s Central Morgue, said members of the homicide unit of Peru’s National Police.

Hernández said that the internal and external security of Lurigancho jail is the sole responsibility of Peru’s National Police, for not reporting that Dayán never left the jail.

Lurigancho, situated in the eastern side of Lima, is one of Peru’s biggest and heavily overpopulated prisons. It was built to house 2,500 interns, but it currently holds around 11,500 prisoners.

The killing of Dayán has triggered an overall investigation that started today with the suspension of all personnel held responsible for the murder.

In the meantime, relatives of Leslie Dayán went to Lima’s Central Morgue in order to identify the body.