Costa Verde Expressway to be continued to La Perla


Costa Verde Expressway to be continued to La Perla
The Costa Verde expressway will be continued with an investment of S/. 44 million. (Photo: El Comercio)

The Minister of Housing, Juan Sarmiento Soto, announced that the Costa Verde Expressway will be continued all the way to La Perla, Callao.

Sarmiento said the investment is of S/. 44 million (about US$ 16.3 million), that should be financed, jointly, between the ministry and the Municipality of Lima, he said.

The new leg of the expressway should be built from Avenida Escardó, in San Miguel, to the Leoncio Prado Military School, in La Perla, Callao.

Sarmiento said the construction will meet ends with another project executed by the Regional Government of Callao.

The announcement was made after Sarmiento met Susana Villarán, elected mayor of Lima, who will take office on January 1, 2011.

Both agreed in turning Costa Verde into the most important tourist and recreational circuit of the South Pacific coast.

“The idea is to make a joint Project between the Ministry, the Municipality and the districts that share the Costa Verde,” said Villarán.

Sarmiento said that, so far, the ministry has invested S/. 57 million (US$ 21 million) improving the Costa Verde, from Chorrillos in the southern tip of Lima, to San Miguel.