Tech-innovated project to reduce movie piracy in Peru


Tech-innovated project to reduce movie piracy in Peru
The "" project aims to end with Peru’s pirate movie market, offering a high-quality product at competitive prices. (Photo: Internet)

Peruvian company Holosens has recently received funding from Peru’s Research and Development Fund for Competitiveness (Fidecom) to develop, a technological innovation project aimed to reduce pirate movie consumption, reports Andina.

“ is expected to reach a large audience who currently has no other option but to buy low quality pirate movies in the black market," said Holosens general manager, Manuel Olguín.

The legal DVD movie market in Peru is almost non-existent, with 98 percent of sales accounted by pirated DVDs.

Holosens is dedicated to the development of Internet and new-tech projects in Latin America. The company generates ideas, elaborates business plans and seeks funding to execute those projects.  

Additionally, they also provide development and consulting services on SEO and online marketing strategies for SMEs in Peru, Colombia and Chile.

“” involves the development of a platform for distribution of video content in high definition (HD) via Internet.

The website will hold a large catalog of movies, series, documentaries, sports content and educational material which will be available as a high-quality product for end-users at competitive prices.

The platform will be able to be used by end-users from their homes as well as digital television, digital cinemas and universities with online education programs.

This development of this project will be carried out jointly with Centrum Business School of the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), Andes Films, and Conacine, the National Film Board, who have seen the opportunity to use the platform as a vehicle to rescue and give value to Peru’s audiovisual heritage.