The world third highest waterfall found in Amazonas


In 2002, the German citizen Stefan
Ziemendorff explored a burial site in the valley of Uctubamba in the department
of Amazonas, when he catched the sight of a waterfall at the other side of the
valley. Ziemendorff works in a project for the drinkable water enterprise of Amazonas
(Empresa de Agua Potable de Amazonas-Emusap) and participated in two
expeditions later.
The waterfall called Gocta is
located 5 hours walking from Cocachimba town,
the group of Germans and
Peruvians followed the guide Telosforo Santillan. Later the topographer of the
Chachapoyas municipality Carlos Santamaria and the civil engineer Teony Alva
Vives measured the waterfall, which would be 771 meters high.
The highest waterfall in the
world is “El Salto del Angel” in Venezuela with 972 meters high, the second
highest is Tugella Falls in South Africa with 948 meters and Gocta would be the
third one. According to Ziemendorff in the area are many tucans, monkeys, pumas
and other animals.