Lourdes Flores’ Pacto Etico Electoral


Lourdes Flores yesterday handed in her Pacto Etico Electoral-Ethical Electoral Pact. In it, it states the following:
To establish 650 thousand jobs a year , with fair salaries, this will be brought about by the construction of canals, roads, schools etc. the duplication of non traditional export, the promotion of tourism and an annual increase of 7% in the PBI.
Secondly, rescuing 3 million Peruvians and eradicating child-malnutrition, as well as maintaining association such as ‘vaso de leche’, public dinners, and others.
Thirdly she guarantees free medical attention during pregnancy, labor and post pregnancy. She will also duplicate the number of police officers on the streets, as well as training them. For women, victims of harassment, they will have the opportunity to be treated and protected in police station and other offices.
Fifth, small and medium companies will be able to participate of up to 40% in state purchase and count on a US$200 million fund to negotiate credits by US$2.000 million. In agriculture Unidad Nacional offers to harness the Agrobank and assure credits to peasants of up to US$1.000 million.
Lourdes Flores also promises to fight back against terrorism, and to return the respect to the armed forces as well as resolving the financial problems for pensions of Military and Police. Finally, she also promises to fight against corruption, maintaining the ‘Sistema Nacional Anticorrupcion’; and will put someone responsible in charge of the ‘Contraloria General de la Repulica’.