Peru’s quinoa exports likely to grow 30 pct in 2011



A women sells quinoa in a market. (Photo: Andina)

Peru’s quinoa exports would grow 30 percent in 2011 thanks to the North American demand which focuses over 60 percent of the country’s exportable offer, consulting firm Maximime reported.

This increase will also be boosted by demand from new markets such as Brazil, South Korea and India.

Quinoa exports increased 85.2 percent between January and October 2010, reaching 10.6 million dollars thanks to demand from Australia (483.9 percent increase), United States (160.7 percent), Canada (120.7 percent) and Germany (61.1 percent).

The main Peruvian export companies are Exportadora Agrícola Orgánica (35 percent), Grupo Orgánico Nacional (18.1 percent), Interamsa Agroindustrial (10.6 percent), Vínculos Agrícolas (10.4 percent) and Sun Packers (4.1 percent).

Quinoa exports have increased since 2004 at an average rate of 63.6 percent, although the exports are more dynamic since 2008 due to the support of Sierra Exportadora Program.