“Paraiso” voted best Peru film of 2010



"Paraíso" is an understated movie that follows the lives of teenagers in Lima’s slums.

The film "Paraiso" was selected as best Peruvian movie of 2010 by the Peruvian Association of Cinematographic Press, Apreci.

Hector Galvez’s first movie, which tells the story of five teenagers and their problems transitioning to adulthood, was chosen as the best one among seven feature films that premiered this year.

Vice president of Apreci Rodrigo Portales described the movie as “the best work by Peruvian cinema in the last decade.”

The film premiered internationally in September at the Venice Film Festival, one of the three most important film festivals in the world alongside Cannes and Berlin.

"Paraiso" narrates the daily life of a group of young kids, following their frustrations, trials and aspirations as they live in the slums of Lima. See the trailer below (in Spanish).