Melania Urbina says about new romance: “We are happy”


Melania Urbina says about new romance: “We are happy”
Melania Urbina and Andrés Wiese are two successful actors in Peru’s entertainment world. Both admitted they are having a romance. (Photo:

Considered one of the hottest female actors in Peru, Melania Urbina confirmed she is dating television actor Andrés Wiese, reported El Comercio.

Celebrated by Peruvian male audience for her nude scenes as “Chica dinamita” in blockbuster Django: la otra cara, Urbina was on vacations with a group of friends in Iquitos, reported various news sources.

Urbina finished a successful season playing Roxane in the French classic, Cyrano de Bergerac.

The Peruvian celebrity was spotted last week by a local television news program in Iquitos with Wiese, the popular actor of the local sit-com Al fondo hay sitio.

Other friends joined the couple to celebrate New Year holidays, according to El Comercio.

The couple presumably stayed at the top-end Victoria Regia Hotel in downtown Iquitos and also traveled to a lodge of the same tour corporation that owns the hotel.

“We are happy and what happened (Wiese being hit at a disco club) is not going to eclipse our pleasure of being together in this city,” said the female actor, when asked about her relationship with Wiese, according to El Comercio.

Days ago, celebrity gossip publications reported Wiese was hit after a confusing incident at a disco in Iquitos, involving a jealous boyfriend accusing the actor of inappropriately touching his girlfriend. Wiese denied such an incident.

Urbina said they had a “beautiful experience” in the jungle.

“We have been at a lodge, disconnected from everything, because we did not even have our mobile phones with us,” she said.

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