Peru to host ASPA Third Summit to take place in February


ASPA Third Summit to take place in Lima early February
Official photo during the Second Summit of South American-Arab Countries held in Doha, Qatar. (Photo: Internet)

The Third Summit of South American-Arab Countries (ASPA), to be held in Lima will take place in February 11-16, announced Ambassador Eduardo Beraun.

Beraun, who serves as the executive secretary of the Aspa Summit, said to Andina there is great interest among Arab countries to attend the presidential summit in Peru and boost trade ties between the two regions.

"The 3rd Aspa Summit will be the most important event of 2011 because for the first time ever Peru will have the opportunity to promote its potential in a little-known but hugely interesting region in terms of trade," he said.

The four-day summit will bring together 34 Heads of State and Government of South American and Arab Countries. The meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the meeting of High Level Officials will also be held during these days.

The meetings will run parallel to the third ASPA CEO Summit which will discuss high priority subjects for the development of both regions.

The ASPA CEO Summit Peru 2011 marks the second time business leaders will meet in a South American nation.

Brazil was the first South American country to host the ASPA CEO Summit in 2005.

Investments are expected to be made in infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, services, tourism, trade, and agroexports.